instant crush: or how I fell in love with film photography.

I love film. Ironically, the endless talent on instagram, led me to find incredible film photographers like Jose Villa, Chris Kale, Jon Duenas, Parker Fitzgerald, and Jarrod Renaud. I fell in love with the authenticity in their images, and the beautiful unique feeling film gives. I feel like you can truly gauge the artists eye and personality when looking at their tangible work. Everything is unique, everything is raw. I was hooked on the style, the array of tones, and the expertise these men must have in order to execute such incredible photographs. Call me a fangirl. (I am) Everyone asks me why I choose to shoot film even though I’ve got a whole digital set up, and honestly I’m not entirely sure. I think I’m the kind of girl who’s drawn to old things. Like records, old leather luggage, films from the 40s, I think it was a only matter of time until I felt the film world pull at my skirt. When I said I was on old lady at heart, I wasn’t kidding.

Now I’m not an authority on film or film cameras at all, so please don’t let this post fool you. I learn with each exposure, and I learn slow. But this love is true, and this love is a deep. I refuse to give up trying and the mistakes I’ve made previously have not been repeated (knock on wood). At the moment my heart belongs to my Polaroid 340 Land Camera. J was out of town on at his brothers bachelor party down in the gulf last year, and I decided to take myself on a date. After gorging myself on gourmet mac & cheese (thank you Square Burger!) and yummy beer I walked to one of our many antique shops in Downtown McKinney. I knew nothing about land cameras at the time, but I saw the 340 and fell in love. The shop owner didn’t know if it was in working condition, and for $30 I didn’t care, if it didn’t work, I planned on incorporating it into my decor. It was worth the gamble. Turns out the only thing wrong with it was the battery compartment corroded and needed to be converted to hold AA batteries rather than the old, discontinued ones it used to take. Nothing my dear friend Chris Kale from Snap It | See It couldn’t rig up! I haven’t taken too many shots since I’ve gotten it back because I don’t like wasting exposures and the focus on this thing is something I’m not quite used to yet. But I’m determined to get it down.


backyard wilderness

las colinas

las colinas, texas

silhouetteblurry little silhouette

Holy hyperlinks on this post, right? I’ll be posting more once I get a better scanner. This one isn’t ideal.

4 thoughts on “instant crush: or how I fell in love with film photography.

  1. Wow Elle, honored to even be included in that list of amazing people at the beginning of this post. You are well on your way to hanging with those guys I’m sure!

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