august vibes

In one week we will be in Colorado with 16 members of J’s family tucked away in the hills beneath Mount Elbert. (insert girl scream!) We’ve had the cabins booked since Christmas and the countdown has been happening ever since. This trip is going to be an incredible opportunity to relax and spend time with those we love in a place they love so much. I plan on bringing my three favorite children: the Mamiya 645 AFD (should be getting here next week), the Mark ii, and of course the Polaroid 340. I can’t wait to share the beauty we’ll be surrounded by during our time there!

In eager anticipation I decided to create a mood board. Yes, I am one of those girls. You probably remember me from high school, any flat portable surface was adorned with magazine cutouts to make ridiculously girly collages. Is it silly so wish my life would adhere to moodboards and exquisite color palettes?

august moodboard numbers

 1 + I recently fell in love with the hand lettering of Scott Tulgetske

2 + impatiently patiently waiting for The Kinfolk Table to release

3 + this amazing Oji Masanori Kami Mug

4 + hopelessly searching for the artist behind these gorgeous jade ceramics

5 + dying to take mountain man pictures of J

6 + this Yield planter box may or may not have inspired me to tackle a DIY version soon

7 + wishing I had red hair and DYING for this green Celine scarf

8 + we’ll be taking road trip photos soon

9 + it’s safe to say I have a massive girl-crush on Mimi Thorisson and this Médoc Traou Mad recipe

10 + this needs to be in our kitchen, wouldn’t ya say J?

11 + NRDC’s article on easy indoor gardening got me excited for yet another weekend DIY

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