jackie + jason: an atlanta engagement

I shoulda coulda woulda started a blog sooner, but I can be super lazy when it comes to committing to something that involves technology. I waited 4 years to get wifi at my house, and I STILL refuse to get cable. I think part of me wants to stick it to the man, and the other part just doesn’t want to keep up with the new versions of everything that come out every other month. However, one bit of technology that I can’t do without is a little app called instagram. I’ve “met” so many incredible photographers and friends through that silly little app and have had the incredible fortune to be able to actually meet some of them in person. After 2+ years of penpal-ing, skype chats, phone calls, and IG stalking I was finally able to meet my dear friend Jackie (@jk2011) and her fiancé Jason.

They met on IG, fell in love in New Jersey, and they’ll officially begin their new life together in May when they get married at this gem in Atlanta. I flew down at the end of June to take their engagement photos, and I was so happy with how they turned out! We spent the better part of our Saturday together running around to all the gorgeous spots around the city and I fell IN LOVE with Octane Coffee, which is now added to my list of favorite places ever. Congratulations again guys, I can’t wait to be a part of y’alls big day next year!
















Canon 5D Mark ii + 50mm f/1.8

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