things that I miss

I’m so thankful for the separation we had from day-to-day life. It made coming back so hard, and I’m still adjusting. Still processing my thoughts, feelings, and photos. So this won’t be the last time you’ll hear of this place.


watching my handsome man assemble and test my beautiful custom fishing pole. we spent months picking out each piece that I would use.


roadtrips with this man are buckets of fun. I tried cheddar + caramel Bugles! and they were actually GOOD! he and katie-kins also gave me a lesson in country music, and because of them I feel a little more Texan now.  I’ve now learned that my favorite country musicians are those with the worst alcohol and drug abuse pasts. thanks y’all!


the cutest cafe in Westcliffe, Co. where Simba had puppy ice cream and then threw it all up. they weren’t even mad! and they cleaned it up!


our adorable cabins, and Mt. Elbert Lodge for being awesome. who knew twenty/thirty-somethings could all share a bathroom without any issues whatsoever?!


just past our front door was this perfect babbling stream. i woke up to it’s gorgeous songs every morning.


Twin Lakes, Co. you’re just gorgeous, but you don’t have many fish. so I love and kind of hate you. but mostly love you.


mountains + meadows. you made me sweat, scratched me, scared me, and awed me with your beauty.


katie-kins. you humbled me. I thought I was definitely going to catch the most fish, but 40 is more than 7. so you win. and you looked fabulous doing it.  (as always)


the only time it’s appropriate to wake me up before it’s sunny is if we can experience views like these.  dearest j, I hope you got your fill.


jakey-poo thank you for letting me crash your solo fly fishing party so I could take pictures. It was nice hanging out and not having to say anything to each other.


making it to the top of Blue Lake was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done. 2+ hours of steep terrain and 1+ hours of meadow/marsh made me so very tired, but so very proud. it was worth it for the view.

to be continued

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