stickygram + hearth magazine love

I usually don’t enter contests on Instagram, but when Hearth Magazine and Stickygram teamed up for a little Stickygram giveaway, I desperately wanted to test my luck. I usually don’t win things either, but this time I did! I squealed like I’d just won tickets to the N*SYNC concert and called my mom, who I think was more amused by my level of excitement than impressed with the fact that I’d won something. Through the Stickygram site I was able to customize my pack and about a week later I got an adorable package of my very own Instagram photos printed onto magnets! So simple, and so lovely. Now my over sized refrigerator is adorned with cuteness, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality.


thank you Hearth + Stickygram for this unexpected gift

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