love + links 09.13.2013

I genuinely hope all of you have had a wonderful week. For me, Monday came with an unreal amount of insecurities, worry, pressure and major feelings of defeat at the office. It’s a mentality that I’ve found is typically hard to shake and usually results in a perpetual “funk”, but thankfully as the week progressed and I was able to knock some things off of my To Do list and my brain shifted to a more positive place. Saturday we’ll be enjoying a nice aTm  vs Bama collegiate cookout with friends, while Sunday will be spent catching up on French lessons, and some leisurely reading.

happy weekend

I’ve been wanting to start a post on Fridays to feature the things I’m currently loving + coveting + reading, and this my friends is the first of many.

Can we talk about how incredible Jenni Kayne’s Spring 2014 collection is? I’m swooning over this all white ensemble.

After years of not seeing one another my old BFF from high school and I have jumped right back into awesomeness. We’re dying over Youth by Daughter and can’t wait to see them at the Kessler Theater on Monday!

I think this beautiful textured tray by Koromiko should become a part of my like asap. It matches PERFECTLY with our kitchen!

Currently studying + reading Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson + Richard Mendius. So far this book has explained to me that I’m not as crazy as I think, and our brain basically does whatever it wants. I recommend it to anyone who thinks they might act/react irrationally from time to time, or anyone who wants to scientifically understand why we are they way we are. I just love logic. It’s so refreshing!

I’m a hat person with a very small hat collection. This gem is about to mix things up.

The launch of Clementine Daily has brought so much joy into my mornings. I can’t wait to see the goodies they continue to bring!

Have a marvelous weekend friends.

image via pinterest

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