turning our home into a haven: the den

J and I live on a sleepy street near a flourishing downtown square outside of Dallas, Texas. Our 1940s home is modest for lack of a sweeter term (THERE SERIOUSLY IS ONLY ONE CLOSET OMG!), but it is where we fell in love and have made some of our amazing memories. For that reason, I fall in love with the little place a little more each day. Especially now since we have been using this space to slowly understand our differing interior aesthetic.

Our first project is our den, since we spend most of our time there. I wanted to go for a  palette that would effortlessly combine my love affair for art deco +  minimalism (seriously how does that combo happen?) and J’s taste for functionality + industrial type decor + nature. So I daydreamed a space with gold, mirrored silver, and dusty hues of blues and natural wood.  And of course I wanted to share some of the pieces that have really inspired how we’re developing our interior.

the den

| art deco mirror | mirrored tapestry | chic entryway | mountain lovers | andrew gallo printquirky wooden notes | beachy hues | faceted candle holder | faceted clock |

It’s been and will continue to be a time-consuming and costly process, but it’s completely worth it. Hunting for deals, creating pieces ourselves and bringing our tastes together is surely going to make one of the most gorgeous and functional spaces yet! Stay tuned =]

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