being okay with being alone

Alone time. As I grow older I notice more and more that people don’t have much of this, and don’t desire much of this. The concept of not taking time for oneself baffles me. Time set aside to reflect, relax, and breathe is one of my most cherished activities and something I would miss terribly if it wasn’t within reach. I’m always reminded of the benefits long after my alone time is complete. I feel more rested, yet productive, effective and thoughtful. Sometimes I even feel more tolerant towards others, a desire to be kinder, more compassionate. In a society that’s ridden with codependency and the fear of alienation, there’s a bevy of bona fide reasons to give yourself the gift of being alone, psychological and otherwise.  As you finish out this week, take an hour, three hours, or however many you can allot and enjoy the comfort of being with you. You owe it to yourself.

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My alone time was spent…

repeating: peasants by houses

snacking: brie + pear + mustard seed panini (recipe soon!)

admiring: the art of alison cooley. swoon.

watching: the great gatsby! for the fourth time.

napping: often.

wishing: this cool weather would stick around for a while.

4 thoughts on “being okay with being alone

  1. Sweet! I agree, it’s good to spend time alone, doing whatever makes us happy. It’s comforting….who knows our being and what we need better than ourselves? Being a social butterfly can be exhausting!

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