dallas iceageddon


There is something about winter that delights me more than fall ever could.  The dreary palette, the stillness, the promise of weekends cuddled on the couch fawning over Frances Ha.  This is the first year I’ve been in town to see white cover my historic neighborhood, and it didn’t disappoint. J and I braved the icy roads and headed to The Square.

IMG_0117-1 IMG_0127-1IMG_0159-1 IMG_0138-1IMG_0141-1 IMG_0166-1_dip IMG_0178-1IMG_0180-1 IMG_0187-1 IMG_0200-1IMG_0188-1_dipIMG_0213-1 IMG_0216-1


7 thoughts on “dallas iceageddon

  1. You take wonderful photos. As much as I like fall, your blog entices me to surrender fall for this year and start enjoying the winter season.

  2. Hi Danielle!
    I’ve been following your blog and instagram feed for a while now…and I’m in love. I want to contact you about becoming a contributor for our new adventure/travel website “Latitudes, Longitudes.” However, I can’t find a contact email for you to send you our contributor info to see if you’d like to join us. Please let me know how to contact you as we’d really love to have you join our community of artful explorers. ann@latitudeslongitudesmag.com

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