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Josef + Danielle

my handsome man + me

I am first, a sister. I will be forever thankful that my parents divorce brought six beautiful younger half sisters into this world for me to love and play dress up with. I grew up with my Ohio darlings Rebecca (16), Allison (15), and Kristyn (12) my whole life, but just recently met my Maryland lovelies Kylee (16), Cameron (15), and Kaycie (12) in November of 2011. As luck would have it, I met my boyfriend Josef in the very same month and we’ve been basking in our mutual weirdness ever since.  In my quest to live well these people inspire me relentlessly to love more, and be a better me than I was yesterday.


rebecca + kristyn + allison


not one of my sisters + kylee + kaycie + cameron

I began taking photos several years ago after spending too much time on instagram, tumblr, weheartit, flickr, etc. admiring other people’s work. What started as a hobby has turned into a full on romance. I obsessively flip through the pages of Kinfolk, Darling, HearthWilder, Cereal, and Verily over coffee. I’m consistently drawn to the beautiful writing, visionary photography, and impeccable design of these publications. To say they are an inspiration is a vast understatement.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m working for an incredible company with a mission to help bring health, wellness, and an income to individuals internationally. Through them I’ve been able to see places of the world I’ve only dreamed of. I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given.

This is my strange journey towards finding my voice and eye. A place for me to write, or not write.


8 thoughts on “about danielle

  1. Finally took the time to catch up on your blog posts today & so glad i did.
    Nice images & you have a lovely writing style which combines a great vocabulary & some warm, wholesome heartfelt thoughts.
    keep being you.

    Adam x.

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